Tuesday, June 01, 2010

How Does Their Garden Grow?

From this....

to this!

Jenni and Kory's garden is coming along in leaps and bounds, it's amazing how fast it grows once it gets going! We've been enjoying fresh picked lettuce for a couple of weeks already.

Kory brought in the first beautiful squash today - it will be marinated along with vidalia onions for kabobs to go alongside orange rosemary thyme chicken on the grill. Cucumbers are up next!

We also have jalapenos, one lonely bell pepper, and lots of green tomatoes - both the cherry and full size.

However, with successes come messes - our broccoli had to be scrapped entirely, it was fine one day and then suddenly something came along and ate the leaves to almost nothing. After that the broccoli heads, which were tiny anyway, just sort of petered out, so Kory pulled them out.

          Bye-Bye Brocolli

Our strawberries also not doing well yet - we are not sure if it is because they are just the first few berries, or if we don't have enough sun on our berry patch. So far the berries are tiny and mushy, and we haven't had a good one yet.

 It's about to really start ramping up, and I am eager and waiting with all kinds of ideas!

      I Love My Garden

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