Friday, June 11, 2010

No Soaking Needed!

How would you like to easily save the labels from special bottles of wine...or all your bottles of wine?  You've thought about it.....but soaking labels and watching them shred is too discouraging.  What if I told you to forget the water and the razor blade???  Not possible, you say.  Well..................

I follow a blog called Food, Wine and Modpodge.  Katie P. is a genius!  Go to this blog posting and learn the magic of a wine bottle with label, a warm oven, and then the label on a nice sheet of paper in your keepsake notebook!!!  Of course, Katie outdid herself using her wine label collection.  I'm keeping mine in a notebook for now. 

Note:  the clip art wine label to the left came off of  my favorite go-to place for clips.  I was so excited to see this particular clip art rendition, because this is my favorite white wine in the world.  Not that I have had it since my last meal at Im Rosengarten in Oberursel, Germany in 1991.  It was pretty much the house wine at our neighborhood trattoria and we drank a lot of it.  Of course, it is very expensive here in Charlotte NC!!!  Oh, well, at least I have the label on my blog!!! 
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