Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Yummy Bread

A new local farmer's market has opened here.  It began on a vacant lot near the Lynx tracks last year for very local farmers and others to sell their wares.  This year it managed to rent the empty Trolley Barn (we scrapped the trolley when we built the Lynx commuter train line).  It is still on the Lynx Line, but has good parking and big air blowers to keep customers cool, as well as a roof.  There is a local knife sharpener truck parked right outside.....

Anyway, I stopped by and bought some homemade okra pickles and also visited the stand with local bread.  Big, beautiful round loaves.  This one was stuffed with cheese and sausage.  When I got it home and sliced it in half for lunch, it did not have very much sausage in it, so I ended up making a sandwich from some spring greens and other fresh vegetables, and some salami, all drenched in vinaigrette.  A very yummy lunch.
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