Sunday, June 13, 2010

A Plant with a History

This acuba plant grew from a cutting my mother gave me when we bought this house, 26 years ago.  She rooted several cuttings and we planted all of them; two lived, one at each corner of the deck, which was fortunate.  Her acuba plants were absolute monsters, but that was probably because my dad was a gardener/farmer and he raised quail and used droppings for fertilizer.  That stuff was powerful.  I had an interesting childhood.............he also at one time raised bantam hens and I had problems adjusting to a world of store bought chicken and eggs when I got married.......

Anyway, when we move in a few years, I will take cuttings with me and hopefully they will live.  I did not inherit my parents' green thumb.  Not that I make an effort....grass makes my skin itch. And I hate being out in the sun. 
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