Friday, October 21, 2011

Diamonds on the water

Today the wind is calm, no clouds in the sky, the temp is in high 70's and the sunshine on the water is brilliant. I took this pic then fancied it up with my pse app. Still doesn't capture the sparkle.

Lunch at the Beach

Whenever Larry and I travel we tend to focus on the food. Always have. In Europe the kids always complained that Dad had to read every menu posted on every restaurant door as we walked through all the quaint city streets.

It appears that blogger has dropped the photo. Not sure why.

When my parents went to Scotland with us, my Mom finally asked, with some irritation, if I always started planning the next meal right after finishing the last! Yep, I do when we travel.

At our beach house there are certain required meals. I have to have my fried softshell crab from Captain Dusty's. There is no other place that fries them as well (except Bill Head, who used to collect them from the bay, freeze them, and deep fry them in his backyard...ah memories).

Then there is Castaway's at Carillon, just down the beach from us. Sitting on the patio eating a broiled grouper sandwich with crispy sweet potato fries is always the way to start off the vacation!

So when you ask me about a vacation trip the answer you will get always centers on the food!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Here is pic

As usual blog writer app published too quick. Think i need to do pic then write

Cool breeze on the porch

In the middle ofour fall week at our beach house. Hot on Sunday, gorgeous on Monday, rainy on Tuesday, gorgeous and cool today. I took a pic from the deck and turned it into art with 1000 cameras app. I can't wait to to get it scrapped!

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Lois' Story

I was at a marvelous reunion this past weekend:  the Sandtown Community from the 1960's came together in a huge celebration of memories.  As I talked to many of my old friends, most of whom I had not seen since I was about 16, each one mentioned how they had loved my mother.  It appears that what I thought was my "personal magnetism" was actually my mother's cooking and love of talking sports, the lake in my front yard, and the fact that we had the first color tv in the neighborhood!  Anyway, for all of you who knew and loved my mother, I wanted to share her story.

My Mom was a prolific photo taker and made sure all her photos were carefully placed into albums.  I inherited these albums and last year realized that I could preserve them in a unique way in this 21st century.  Using Photoshop Elements, a scanner, and many wonderful designs done by digiscrappers  on the web, I turned those photos from the 1930's forward into this book.  I hope you enjoy looking through it. I was able to imbed the book here on my blog since I published it using Mixbook. I notice that you will not be able to actually read the words in the journaling. If you anybody is interested in reading any of the journaling, it will be on Flickr soon. It takes awhile to upload the big files.

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Monday, October 03, 2011

Then Change Colors

I downloaded this freebie cluster today from SuzyQScraps.  Loved the cluster but the colors were wrong for Jenni's wedding album and I was in the mood to fiddle.  So I took this:
and did some digi magic and ended up with this.
I think that is amazing!