Sunday, October 27, 2013

Teaghan's First Year in Pictures

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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs.....

I am bored easily.  Larry and I moved a lot.  I majored in Home Economics, which did not prepare me for a career while on the move.  I did learn to type, however, back when nobody else did.  Pre-computer age, you know.  In fact, I made a few dollars in college typing papers for various sorority sisters.  I also typed papers for Larry while we were dating; I told him I decided to marry him when I did not want to rewrite his papers!  I am a born editor.  Not as good as my daughter...she edited my stuff...but that is another story.

Everywhere we went, I found a job.  In the seventies and even the eighties, everytime we landed in a new place,  I would find an office job through new acquaintances.  With a college degree, small office owners were quick to hire me.  They did not care what the degree was in, after all I could type over 80wpm.  They never asked what my future goals were, etc,  they just wanted somebody literate at the front desk who could type.

I finally sat down today and listed all my weird jobs.  I had a lot of them.  Including doing editing for an African newspaper based in an African woman's house in Charlotte, NC.  Not professional in any way.  LOL.  I satisfied my sewing passion by working for a fabric store.  I sewed costumes one winter for dance recitals.  I was private secretary to the Navy Exchange Officer in Iceland, because I had taken an 8 week class in had to be able to take dictation....which I never happened.

When Jenni went to college, I got asked to help teach a one year old class in a preschool near me.  Hardest I ever worked!  But the best payoff....all the hugs and kisses from those precious little ones.

When I could not find a paying job, I simply did volunteer work.  My two favorites were editing the monthly magazine for Frankfurt International School in Germany and ushering at the Performing Art Center in Charlotte, NC.  The last couple of years I helped a school teacher friend of mine prepare her art projects for the kids.

I finally settled in working part time for a job placement agency doing data entry for The Perkins Group.  The job started at 20 hours a week and finally wound down to an hour a week during the ten years I worked for Pat  and I decided to retire!  I did get bored quickly on this job, but it was ten minutes away from my house, I made my own hours, and I liked the company owner.  So I stayed there and stopped reading want ads and signing on with Temp Agencies.

Friday, October 04, 2013

The Eyes Have It!

Our grandson, Griff seems to have gotten a dose of bad eyesight from all sides of the family.  He now has new specs and I bet he can see the world a whole lot better!  Go Griff!

credits: Ronda_itsaboysworld
mye de leon - frame

Wednesday, October 02, 2013