Saturday, August 31, 2013

Back to School Kits

 on Sale Today only!

My layouts using Chalk Talk and Hall Pass*

*As a member of the Leaving a Legacy Designs Creative Team, I receive products for free in return for creating and posting projects to promote said product. Please be advised that the Leaving a Legacy Designs products used and showcased on this blog any time after(insert date) were indeed received for free.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Hall Pass is on sale!

Leaving a Legacy Designs has come up with a new Back to School kit that I love.  It has a lovely color palette and is designed for scrapping about older students.  At some point your child will not want those bright layouts with all the cute elements around his/her photos!!  You can get this kit at Stuff to Scrap or Scraps N Pieces.  On a special sale now for 30% off.

Here is a preview of this awesome kit; you just have to love the beautiful colors.  I know I do.  Each preview is linked.

These layouts are mine:  The first is a great palette for girls.

Can't forget the boys!  Here is my son's high school graduation picture!

I especially the cool stitches Kimberley included in this Hall Pass Kit.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Just Magic

I am taking The Art of Blending over at Digital Scrapper.  It is a forever class, at your own pace.  Tonight I sat down and did one of the lessons.  Here is a photo taken in Budapest.  A really badly lit photo.

I sharpened it, then put a warming color action that came with the class, then put a blended texture on top and fiddled with the levels to make the colors really strong and contrasting.  See what happened to the photo:

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Chalk Talk by LLD is $2 Today Only

Go to Stuff to Scrap's $2 Tuesday to grab this adorable school kit for your Back-to-School photos!  It has crayons, backpacks, stars, everything you need to celebrate your child.

Here is a layout I did using this cute kit!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Party Time Templates

It is Party Time!! Leaving a Legacy has just released some great templates! Party Time Templates are 5 templates in JPEG, PSD, TIF, PAGE and PNGS files. To try a sample of this great collection, join in the Stuff to Scrap August Template Challenge Template...this template is included in download.

Of course, since you are going to want ALL the templates in the Party Time! collection, head over to either Scraps N Pieces today or Stuff to Scrap tomorrow to grab them for 30% off until August 21st!

Here are two layouts I made from this template package.  

multi designer charity collab.

For most of us, childhood days are seen as a carefree and joyous time. It's time to run, play, and hang out with friend - to grow up and find our place in the world. Unfortunately, not every child is given the same opportunities. Pray for Haley is collaboration kit made by some of the finest artists in the digital scrap-booking community to help a young girl in need. Haley was recently diagnosed with bone cancer and is missing the current school year because of her treatments. Her strong will and determination has allowed her to keep up with her school work and she looks forward to the day she can return to the classroom and her friends. The profits from Pray for Haley will be given to this courageous girl and her family to help with mounting medical costs. When the time comes to scrap all the joyous moments in the young person in your life this kit will offer you a multitude of options for beautiful scrap book pages as well as help a young girl in need.

We have split this kit up as separate pieces if you feel like you can only donate a little bit, as a Big Bundle, and for the greatest savings, we also have a Mega Bundle option to get everything.  Please click on slideshow below to go to the store and help this little girl in need.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Grab some Glamour!

Scraps N Pieces has launched a Glamour Facebook Hop Today.  Leaving a Legacy Designs is part of it.  You can start by liking her FB page, grabbing her part, and hopping on along.  Click the image to get started!

Friday, August 09, 2013

Doing a happy scrapping dance!

I have used many of the printing services for my scrapbooks.  Recently it has been mostly Snapfish.  Out of curiosity today I decided to look at again.  And my, oh my, they have a brand new rockin' ipad app......

I can make my pages, sync the jpegs to my ipad, open the app, make a book and share it!  Online.  Then if recipients want to have a hard copy, they can buy one with a click.  This is the best marketing tool ever for digiscrappers.  It also links up with facebook and instagram.  I am so in love.  Quite frankly uploading my digi pages to the web site and laboriously creating a book with them is exhausting.  Not all of the sites out there are very user friendly, and each one totally different.  This was actually fun.

My younger scrapbook recipients would honestly prefer a digital version of the scrapbooks they get every Christmas, or in addition to the hard copy.  Now everyone can be happy!

Check it out.  It is very user friendly.

Tuesday, August 06, 2013


Just sitting here playing with PSE filters.

Original Photo of a squirrel that Larry took on a trip, maybe in Alaska.

Magic with pen and ink filter

How cool is that?

Moving In

The first daunting task that faced us in unpacking was finding the location of the storage facility we had rented.  All of the storage sheds were lettered but one, and we assumed that one had to be ours.  But the key would not work.  And the owner was out of town.  Panick.  Larry called the number he had, and the person answering the phone sent out someone to meet him  and it turned out we were at the correct unit, the key was just very tricky.

Larry was "supervisor and paperwork man" and I was "chief unpacker" the day we moved in.  Luckily it had rained the day before....hard, I might add, and the weather was nice and cool.  As the movers brought in the kitchen boxes, I started unpacking and putting everything away.  We were in a huge hurry, because in two days we were leaving for a three week vacation visiting family.  More driving, more fast food.  Normal life would have to wait some more.

$2 Tuesday at STS

It is $2 Tuesday at Stuff to Scrap.  Now is the time to grab some of those kits you forgot to get.

 Here Comes Trouble 
It is time to travel under the sea to visit a world of sharks, octopus, shells, seaweed, fish and more.

Saturday, August 03, 2013

Moving Story Chapter 1

Chapter 1..The Move

As soon as we had the house sale in progress, we headed down to Lake Oconee to find a place to rent.  The year before when we inquired about the availability of rentals, we were assured there were many houses and cottages for rent.  However, the demand for rentals had increased and we only had two places to choose from. There was a house on the lake in The Landing, at a suspiciously low rental rate.  This was our actual final destination, so we crossed our fingers and went to see it.

Oh was evidently built as a weekend fishing cottage in the 1980's and never updated. The windows were permanently fogged up, the kitchen was original, even to the microwave, the linoleum was curling, baseboards chewed up, teeny bathrooms, teeny closets. Each room had a (vintage) overerhead light fixture, AND a paddle fan installed next to it.  We really wanted to make this work, it was so close to where we building. The deciding factor against it was that a wood stove installed into the stone fireplace had permeated everything with creosote smell and it was unbearable breathing in there.  The only other available place was 20 minutes drive away, in the Great Waters Community, but it was a fairly new cluster home with big kitchen and a lovely sunroom and space for most of our furniture, and no smell. No contest.  It was the cluster home.

Now that we knew where we would be living and how much we could use and what we had to store, we were ready to start packing.  We wanted to self-pack.  We lived through a couple of moves where the movers packed everything and we hated it.  Packing up 28 years of accumulation was a daunting task, and we had limited time, but we made the deadline.

We hired All My Sons to actually move our filled boxes and furniture.  On moving day, I looked out the window and thought I was on HGTV.  A crew of tall, buff guys, all wearing matching tshirts came walking up the cul-de-sac, looking just like a staged entrance for tv.  They each introduced themselves to us and then took over, moving like a synchronized swim team. In no time the truck was packed and we followed it to our new location.

The drive to Lake Oconee was not fun.  I followed Larry in my own car and we hit some of those famous storms we all have experienced this summer.  We arrived in Greensboro, GA in the evening and stayed at a hotel that needed some serious updating.  (Marriott, where are you???)  Shortly after we arrived, the moving trucks arrived and parked in the parking lot near our car, so we knew our stuff had made it through the pounding rains.

We found a Zaxby's for dinner.  Remember, this place is out in the middle of nowhere and the population density is not attractive for chain stores.  There is a proposed Holiday Inn Express coming soon, though.  Rest assured that all the fast food chains are indeed represented, there are even two McDonald's, but in separate counties. We are not far from I-20, but the main highway is still a two lane farm to market road, with some added lanes here and there.  Lake Oconee area spans two counties.  We will be building in Green County, but are renting in Putnam County.

The next day would be moving in.....

Friday, August 02, 2013

A Moving Story

We have moved from North Carolina to Georgia, from  Banktown to Lake Country.  From shopping nirvana to just Publix.  In the middle of nowhere, but ah, just gorgeous.  No noise, no traffic, heaven.

Since my family and friends know bits and pieces of the Moving Story and have forgotten most of it, I am sure, and since I would not talk about the house sale for fear of jinxing it, and then we skedaddled out of town before anybody knew we were leaving, I thought I would write the story down, now that all the excitement is over and we are just hanging about waiting to start building our house.


Six years ago we found the place where we wanted to retire. It was in Georgia's Lake Country, between Greensboro and Eatonton, called Lake Oconee Community.  The lot we found was in Reynold's Landing.  We bought it quickly, expecting the land prices to soar as they were doing everywhere else.  

Fast forward to the Great Recession.  First The Landing was merged with Reynolds Plantation to save costs.  Then bankruptcy was declared.  We sat quietly in Charlotte, NC, and watched the drama unfold.  Bank of America took it over.  In time, Snoopy swooped in on the MetLife blimp and bought it, lock stock and doghouse.  Things were looking up.

Still we sat in our Charlotte house.  Larry retired and began painting and generally renovating our 1980's house while we waited for the housing market in Charlotte to recover.  

We finally put the house on the market in March 2013 and waited.  And waited. And waited.  Finally, a young couple from a nearby neighborhood needed a bigger house but wanted to stay in the area came calling and made us an offer.  We took it, but had to move out quickly....

This is going to be in installments so as not to overwhelm.  See ya in a day or two.

Lived here for 28 years!

Boardwalk Fun

What is a better childhood memory than visiting the Boardwalk and riding the ferris wheel?  Well, you can relive that memory, or scrap your children doing it, using the brand new kit by Leaving a Legacy Designs, Summer on the Boardwalk.  As usual, the kit is full of cute things, including a ferris wheel.  She had me at the ferris wheel!  The kit is over at Scraps N Pieces, where LLD is a guest designer this month.  This kit is FUN, go grab it now.