Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Moving In

The first daunting task that faced us in unpacking was finding the location of the storage facility we had rented.  All of the storage sheds were lettered but one, and we assumed that one had to be ours.  But the key would not work.  And the owner was out of town.  Panick.  Larry called the number he had, and the person answering the phone sent out someone to meet him  and it turned out we were at the correct unit, the key was just very tricky.

Larry was "supervisor and paperwork man" and I was "chief unpacker" the day we moved in.  Luckily it had rained the day before....hard, I might add, and the weather was nice and cool.  As the movers brought in the kitchen boxes, I started unpacking and putting everything away.  We were in a huge hurry, because in two days we were leaving for a three week vacation visiting family.  More driving, more fast food.  Normal life would have to wait some more.

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