Friday, September 28, 2012

Another LO using LBD's ThankYou

Kim Broedelet had a great free template on her blog today, and I immediately thought about LBD's latest kit.

Here it is; photo is a formal portrait of our boys, a couple of years ago.  I loved it. The "A" is from an alpha I had on my computer, source is lost.

You just simply cannot go wrong using Lee Benkers Designs Kits.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Digi Freebie

I designed a kit!   All done with brushes and shapes from PSE8.  Not easy, but fascinating.  I was doing a tutorial from Hummies World on using brushes and for the practice, I decided to try and make a digital paper.  One led to another, and another, and another.....

I thought they were so pretty I just had to share.  And what are papers without a few elements.  So I made some to go with the papers.  And it is free!

Just download here and enjoy. (If you downloaded before I made a blog edit, I  moved that bright starburst from the top (talk about distracting!) and made a new QP and replaced the first QP and reuploaded the zip file, so if yours has that bright star come back and get the updated one) This is probably my first AND last kit. LOL

This is a LO I made with it. I did add some cross stitches to that gap.  That WAS where the starburst was.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Loveliest Village on the Plains

We were on Auburn campus two weekends, back-to-back.  Hot, hot, hot.  And NOT the team...:-(

On the second weekend, I brought my camera.  I never get tired of seeing the clock tower.  This building is Samford Hall, but since it is the first building of Auburn University, it is really "Old Main".  No classes there now; administrative offices.

Any photo of Auburn campus usually includes Toomers Corner and the Tree.  Ah.  This is what is left of that tree after a homegrown Alabama terrorist got through with it.  I could not bring myself to take a photo directly of the tree, so I put another one between my camera and those sad branches.  

We spent some time in the new Basketball Arena, looking at the amazing exhibit of Auburn sports since the college was created.  After reading about all the men and women who made Auburn what it is today, I now know that the names of the buildings on campus are not arbitrary; each one is named for one of these Auburn luminaries. When you go to college in a place and pass by these various Halls, you never really think about why they have the names they do.  Glad I had the opportunity to learn and thing or two.  Better late than never.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Thank You by LBD has arrived

Lee Benkers Designs has just put a brand new digi kit into The Boomerang at Hummies World.

It is a beautiful, muted kit.  Just the kind I love to scrap with.  Here are the two layouts I made with the far!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Let's Go Orange

Let's join Kim Klassen Cafe's Texture Tuesdays.  She gives away wonderful textures you can use to make your own digi papers.  This week the theme is orange.  My LO is not particularly artsy as befits Kim's textures, but when I looked through my photos, this one just jumped out at me. I did some digi magic and isolated the orange shirt to fit the theme.

 The three brothers and their families have come together once a year at the beach for 40+ years.  And we all drink wine.  Lots of wine. Salut!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Design House Digital is sharing digital scrapbook lessons all during September.  I was reading a lesson on color today.  I generally skip over discussions of the Color Wheel and how to use colors; it sounds too complicated, not to mention it bores me.  Now I know why.  There appears to be three types of digiscrappers:

  1. The Natural – This scrapper doesn’t really think about color because they have a knack for it. Not to say they are color fashionistas or anything, but subconsciously they just use color pretty well and don’t fret about it too much. They grab a kit, some pics and go to town… they make it look too easy!
  2. The Planner – This scrapper isn’t the most confident color user, but they do pretty well. They might load their pics into Kuler, or some other program that will generate a color scheme for them and then they find a kit to match.  Easy peasy!
  3. The Capricious – This is the carefree breed of scrapper that just grabs whatever pics and colors they like. They create to the spin of their own color wheel. They may or may think they have issues with color use, but that’s not the point! The experience of creating seems to outweigh the need to over think and obsess about being all matchy matchy!

Well, when I began reading this list, my first reaction is that I was The Natural; but when I read to the end of the list I realized I was actually a combination with The Capricious.  I love the hue saturation slider, I call what I do "tweaking the colors".  On one of my layouts where every piece was from a different designer and/or kit, someone at Hummies' World commented on how well I was able to combine kits.  Well, actually it is that hue/saturation slider.  I tweak/replace colors so they all go together. I love nothing better than trolling through my files and grabbing "this and that" and making them go together.   I do have an eye for nuances of color.  Never thought about it before I started

Example of tweaking:  I randomly chose some pink flowers that went together, then chose one that was different.  And tweaked it.

So, which one are you...The Natural, The Planner, The Capricious????

Anyone who knows me knows I am NOT the Planner!!!!  LOL.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Glamour Recycled

Jenni and me in our dance costumes a loooooong time ago.  A couple of years later, she appropriated my sparkly dress for herself!   (and, yes, I danced in her recital with the "mommie class" and wore this costume.....tap dancing rocks!)

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Hurricane Oyster Bar

Learned to use the Colored Pencil Filter in PSE8 today.  Part of my filters class at Hummies World.  We often go to Grayton Beach while we are in Panama City and eat oysters and fried shrimp.  Right after I started doing digi I took some photos there to someday use in a layout.  And today I used two two of them!

The background scene is the pond beside the restaurant's dining porch.  The "sketch" is the sign on the door. It is amazing plain old photos can become!

Friday, September 14, 2012


I am taking classes at Hummies' World and had to do a layout where I put torn paper strips inside text.  Really very simple.  I used bits "cut" from some digital torn paper from and layered it three different times inside the text: History.  The word stone was done in my favorite text, 28 days later.  The photo is of a chateau in France; we visited the Loire Valley a good many years ago.  I used Flaxen Daydreams action from CoffeeshopBlogs to change the ordinary photo of an extraordinary sight.

Thursday, September 13, 2012


This is such a beautiful photo I took years ago on a trip to France (after we moved back home, I got to go for one last vacation)

This kit was a lovely mini by PSKatia for a Designer Elements Challenge over at Digitalscrapbookpages.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Christmas in September

It is never too late to scrap Christmas 2011 photos; even if those photos were pretty bad; PSE and some actions from CoffeeshopBlog worked magic.  I fell in love with a holiday kit from Twin Mom Scraps and was inspired to make these layouts.  The first layout has my favorite photo on it....Jenni was joking around and put the two empty stockings on her feet for slippers.  Wonderful candid photo.  The other page is photos of she and Kory the same day.  Visiting Charlotte for their first Christmas after their wedding.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Little Did I Know BlogHop

The designers over at Hummies World recently put their heads together and created a beautiful collab:

Now its time for a BlogHop full of goodies to help you get started making beautiful layouts with this kit.
All the designers and Creative Team members got together and offer you cornucopia of lovely clusters and quick pages:

This is mine:

Little Did I Know Blog Hop

Nan (you are here)

Go have fun!

Saturday, September 08, 2012

Fall Notecards Gift

 Isn't this a pretty notecard/journal paper?
It was designed by Lee Benkers Designs and she made this and three more and is giving them away over on her blog.  Go grab them.

Friday, September 07, 2012

Future Auburn Tiger??

We enjoyed watching our ten year old grandson, Harrison, strut his stuff while playing football with Papa, his Daddy, and his two brothers.  Larry took some photos of him in action.


I just had to combine these two pics from the beach.  Griff indeed is full speed ahead all the time; unless he is aggravated.  :-)   And he gets over aggravation quickly and takes off again!!!

Tuesday, September 04, 2012


When we meet our grandkids at the beach each summer, Nana better come loaded with color books and crayons/colored pencils for Sawyer; that is the first thing he asks for!!

More Bubbles

I scrapped the matching page to Bubbles on the Porch today.
I used random stuff on my computer for the basic LO (It is the same one at the other page, but flipped around) but added some stuff from Jen Martakis' Happy Kit.

Happy by Jen Martakis Designs

Jen Martakis has a new kit called Happy and you can find it at Hummies' World.  I am on Jen's Creative Team and enjoyed using it for this layout that I previously posted:

This is the preview of the kit:  It is ceerful and versatile.  Go grab it!

Monday, September 03, 2012

Betty Bear

Jenni loved her stuffed animals; she still has many on a shelf in her house.  I took this less than good photo that I found loose in a box:

And I think I created a stunner:

Saturday, September 01, 2012

iPhone Photos

Oh, do I love the iPhone photos Lindsay posts on FB.  They are a real "slice of life" down there in Houston. Today I took two of these pics and made these:

Yes, I spent all day at the kitchen table on my laptop.  So What??????  LOL

Such a Sweetheart

I love this old studio portrait of Jenni.  I was doing a challenge for Gotta Pixel and needed a photo and so I scrapped this one; again.  I think I have done it several times.  But she is so cute, I can't have too many copies.  (and she still is a sweetheart!)

Thanks to Lindsay Jane Designs Days of Our Lives Kit from Gotta Pixel. It is on sale right now.

New Collab at Hummies' World

The new collab, Little Did I Know, has arrived in the Boomerang Store.  Go take a look; it is gorgeous. I am on my way to buy it; I am on the Creative Team of two of the designers and can't wait to get started using it.