Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Design House Digital is sharing digital scrapbook lessons all during September.  I was reading a lesson on color today.  I generally skip over discussions of the Color Wheel and how to use colors; it sounds too complicated, not to mention it bores me.  Now I know why.  There appears to be three types of digiscrappers:

  1. The Natural – This scrapper doesn’t really think about color because they have a knack for it. Not to say they are color fashionistas or anything, but subconsciously they just use color pretty well and don’t fret about it too much. They grab a kit, some pics and go to town… they make it look too easy!
  2. The Planner – This scrapper isn’t the most confident color user, but they do pretty well. They might load their pics into Kuler, or some other program that will generate a color scheme for them and then they find a kit to match.  Easy peasy!
  3. The Capricious – This is the carefree breed of scrapper that just grabs whatever pics and colors they like. They create to the spin of their own color wheel. They may or may think they have issues with color use, but that’s not the point! The experience of creating seems to outweigh the need to over think and obsess about being all matchy matchy!

Well, when I began reading this list, my first reaction is that I was The Natural; but when I read to the end of the list I realized I was actually a combination with The Capricious.  I love the hue saturation slider, I call what I do "tweaking the colors".  On one of my layouts where every piece was from a different designer and/or kit, someone at Hummies' World commented on how well I was able to combine kits.  Well, actually it is that hue/saturation slider.  I tweak/replace colors so they all go together. I love nothing better than trolling through my files and grabbing "this and that" and making them go together.   I do have an eye for nuances of color.  Never thought about it before I started

Example of tweaking:  I randomly chose some pink flowers that went together, then chose one that was different.  And tweaked it.

So, which one are you...The Natural, The Planner, The Capricious????

Anyone who knows me knows I am NOT the Planner!!!!  LOL.

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