Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Loveliest Village on the Plains

We were on Auburn campus two weekends, back-to-back.  Hot, hot, hot.  And NOT the team...:-(

On the second weekend, I brought my camera.  I never get tired of seeing the clock tower.  This building is Samford Hall, but since it is the first building of Auburn University, it is really "Old Main".  No classes there now; administrative offices.

Any photo of Auburn campus usually includes Toomers Corner and the Tree.  Ah.  This is what is left of that tree after a homegrown Alabama terrorist got through with it.  I could not bring myself to take a photo directly of the tree, so I put another one between my camera and those sad branches.  

We spent some time in the new Basketball Arena, looking at the amazing exhibit of Auburn sports since the college was created.  After reading about all the men and women who made Auburn what it is today, I now know that the names of the buildings on campus are not arbitrary; each one is named for one of these Auburn luminaries. When you go to college in a place and pass by these various Halls, you never really think about why they have the names they do.  Glad I had the opportunity to learn and thing or two.  Better late than never.

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