Friday, October 21, 2011

Lunch at the Beach

Whenever Larry and I travel we tend to focus on the food. Always have. In Europe the kids always complained that Dad had to read every menu posted on every restaurant door as we walked through all the quaint city streets.

It appears that blogger has dropped the photo. Not sure why.

When my parents went to Scotland with us, my Mom finally asked, with some irritation, if I always started planning the next meal right after finishing the last! Yep, I do when we travel.

At our beach house there are certain required meals. I have to have my fried softshell crab from Captain Dusty's. There is no other place that fries them as well (except Bill Head, who used to collect them from the bay, freeze them, and deep fry them in his backyard...ah memories).

Then there is Castaway's at Carillon, just down the beach from us. Sitting on the patio eating a broiled grouper sandwich with crispy sweet potato fries is always the way to start off the vacation!

So when you ask me about a vacation trip the answer you will get always centers on the food!

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