Sunday, June 20, 2010

Fruit Cobbler Idea

We just went to a local restaurant for Father's Day Brunch menu.  For dessert we choice blackberry cobbler.  It was a very unusual take on cobbler and I loved it.  No photo, sorry.  This is my take on how to assemble it:

Get a muffin pan or indivicual custard cups.  Line them with pie crust (I would use refrigerated, cut into circles).  Make your choice of fruit filling The filling recipe I would use is here. Spoon a portion of filling into each shell (unbaked).  Bake these little pies in the oven.

OK, you are thinking...what is cobblery about this.....the trick is, you serve them upside down.  Get it?  Cobbler is generally a pan filled with fruit filling, topped with crust.  So by serving it upside down, you have the crust on the top.  Not sure how they kept the filling from running out all over the plate while it was brought to our table.......

I grew up eating homemade cobblers from wild blackberries, with a homemade pie crust topping, and the one at the restaurant tasted pretty much the same. All the cobblers I have seen since childhood have crumbly, heavy crust that is good...but nothing beats a nice pastry crust.

During a google search I turned up two contenders:
Here is a cake version of  from The Pioneer Woman Blog.  Photo is the link.
Deanna's Corner Cooking Blog also had a recipe for individual cobblers  that looked worth trying.
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