Thursday, June 17, 2010


I finally understand the allure of style, that is.  It all started when I began to seriously do this blog and saw all the lovely frames and buttons and decorations.  I wanted a fancy border on my blog...but how to get it??  I noticed a little logo in the border of my niece's blog, so I found Cutest Blog on the Block, and got my free background.  Then I discovered  Leeloublogdesigns, and get a monthly free desktop design.  But I wanted to be able to manipulate all these cute elements myself!
Leelou website raved about Memory Mixer software, so I researched it.  I was impressed with all the reviews, so went on Amazon and bought a disk.  Not noticing which version it was....just that it was cheap.  I started using it and it would do nothing.  So I emailed their customer and tech service, they told me Version 1 was completely outdated and the upgraded me to Version 2  and walked me through learning to do the things I wanted to do (the published instructions are not sufficient).  Thanks to Shawn and Debbie for their endless patience.

Now, I have long wanted to toss out all the boxes of old, curling photos in my closets, collected before the advent of digital cameras.  I think about putting them in an album, but nobody, including me, would look at them.....

I also have so many stories my mother told me to pass on to my children, plus all those tales my grandchildren need to know about their parents......

So I am going to choose the best photos in the boxes and create a digital album/journal.

This is my first attempt at a page for that journal.....I did not realize I could crop the scanned photo to get rid of all the white space,  pretended that it was supposed to be there.

I tried again.
But I have to go back into Adobe and adjust the photo, the top one is so much better...

(and, believe it or not, I have that dress she is wearing hanging in my closet right is blue)

So if NanCooks blog entries seem a bit sporadic and attention has kind of moved elsewhere for awhile.
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