Thursday, June 10, 2010

Fresh Picked

The garden is starting to feed us!

Fresh picked today:

First blush on Early Girls:

 Our first bell pepper:

Jalapenos are looking good:

Lots of little green strawberries, so hopefully we won't have just one ripe berry at a time.

More cucumbers just about ready. (We planted the long, thin seedless kind)

The squash blossoms have struggled on the damp ground, but some new ones are emerging to replace them.

 We planted zucchini where the broccoli failed.

We added Italian parsley, sweet basil and Mexican basil to the herb barrels. We are waiting for our herb man to get Genovese, our favorite. The Mexican basil is a nice discovery, though, it smells of cinnamon.
If anyone has a suggestion for how to use this new variety, I am all ears!

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