Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Special Cake

My oldest grandson, Harrison,  just turned 8 years old and for his birthday he got a dream come true....a giant oreo!!!

  His Mom alway makes fabulous birthday cakes for her three boys, and this one was no exception.  She made the Williams-Sonoma Sandwich Cookie Cake, the most challenging one she has tried so far. 

Serious made-from-scratch magic was required and Lindsay was up to it, with some assistance from Jason, as well as an audience of 5 (three kids and 2 dogs). Ultimately, this cake consisted of two layers of rich dense buttery chocolate brownie baked with intricate designs sandwiched around about an inch of vanilla butter cream icing.

No cake mixes or canned icing involved, so you know right there it is going to be good. The process started with brushing both of the pans with melted butter and then 'flouring' them with cocoa powder.  The cakes baked up perfectly and the intricate design came out great. The filling was butter cream icing.

This cake was not only wonderful to look at, it was decadent, rich and delicious.

Downside:  the specialty pans  were extremely difficult to clean,....each little detail had to be individually scrubbed out and the edges were uncomfortably sharp. Regardless, this cookie pan set will be seeing more action.

(edited from original post by Jason)

Oreo cake photo.
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