Monday, May 31, 2010

Miscellaneous Mondays

Happy Memorial Day!  It is absolutely pouring rain here in Charlotte NC, complete with thunder rumbles.  Glad I had no plans...........

Here are random things I heard, found, and saw this past week:

Buy a box of 500 foil sheets from a warehouse digging out the box of aluminum foil and fighting with the cutter. Perfect for lining the baking pan of your toaster oven.

Use plain tomato sauce for pizza and prosciutto is a good replacement for pepperoni....leaner.

Melt butter in the microwave on defrost and it won't explode.

Check out The Produce Lady's Blog for good information on your summer produce.  Two tips I just learned:  oranges should not be refrigerated and produce should not be washed before storing, but just before eating.  The water speeds decay.

I just made a homemade pizza using ButterYum's wonderful tips. 

Want quick fried potatoes for breakfast....cube the potato, cook it in microwave for a couple of minutes (test for doneness), heat skillet, pour in some oil and fry those cubes til nice and crispy.  (I got this tip off of a blog and neglected to note which one, so if you recognize your recipe let me know)
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