Friday, May 28, 2010

And Add an Egg

I have decided I have to add an egg to my breakfast some days.  Now, I am not a fan of eggs.  I am not a breakfast fan, and eggs generally have a starring role.  But I go to yoga and/or pilates MWF midmorning, and have noticed I have started having the low blood sugar shakes about halfway through the class.  Plus I come home after class and am grabbing for anything edible in the pantry.  Not good.

I do know from experience that eating some egg in the morning will carry me for hours.  I also will eat a boiled egg without too much anguish.  So this morning I took a custard cup, broke an egg into it and stirred it up a little to break up the yolk, but not blend it all together.  Then I covered it and put it in the microwave on level 5 for about a minute, dumped it onto a plate and let it cool.  Cute shape.  I went ahead and built my cereal breakfast and after that I cut up a tomato and got some cilantro out of the fridge and made myself another breakfast.  I only ate half the egg, so I have breakfast in the fridge for tomorrow.  And I made it til 2 pm before I got hungry.  So it worked.

(and, yes, Jenni, I adore your scrambled eggs...but you fill them with goodies and you are the one standing over the skillet cooking them......)
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