Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Two Become One, Twice

I enjoy sewing and I like to save money and I hate to get rid of clothes.  I also like to shop at Goodwill, for things to wear and items to 'repurpose'.

Dresses are quite popular and so comfortable to wear in the summer.  Last year I bought I long, soft jersey sundress that looked horrible on me.  This year I found a really interesting rayon print skirt at Goodwill with an impossibly tight elasticized waist.  I thought of turning each into a skirt, and then I had an 'aha; moment.

The black dress joins with a too-short black tank (from Goodwill); the print skirt joins with a $9 tank top.

The skirt on the black dress starts just under the bustline.  The other dress is very long waisted, because I wanted the skirt as long as possible.  I kind of made them up as I went along; I've been sewing for many years and have learned to figure out what I want and think backwards to get the plan, then start cutting, sewing, and hope...................

For those of you who want more specific instructions....
First you take apart the items you plan to combine:
  • cut off the top of the dress
  • cut off the bottom of the tank tops according to how much 'top' you want on your dress
  • cut off the waistband of the skirt.  This skirt had a button placket in the front, so I cut it off, saved the buttons, and made a seam.  The back now becomes the front.
  • Sew the top and bottom together.  This admittedly is the trickiest part.  In the case of both of these 'repurposing' dresses, the tank top knit stretched a lot, so the black knit dress just required marking the top edge into fourths, matching the markings, stretching as I sewed.  For the print dress, the skirt was woven and I put in some basting stitches on the skirt, but did not need to actually pull up too many pleats.

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