Saturday, May 15, 2010

Future of Cookbooks

On the March 10 KCRW Good Food Podcast,  Lessley Anderson of discussed the future of cookbooks and other food publishing.
Among the points I gleaned: 
Cookbooks are moving into the role of inspiration and out of the role of being used for actual recipes.  She said people tended to look through cookbooks to get ideas and inspiration and then go to the internet to find the practical, easy way to make the dish.

Publishers and Authors are looking to make cookbooks into Art Books,

One of my neighbors had a yard sale with a box full of cookbooks.  She is moving and made the comment that with the internet, she no longer used the cookbooks.  I, too, have thought about giving more of my cookbooks away, but I do enjoy the pictures.  Bottom line, in my opinion, cookbooks in the future will have to have beautiful photos of all the recipes.  If you find a recipe online, you can print it off and file it.  If it is in a cookbook, you have remember which cookbook, what page, what shelf......(on my Tips for Recipe Organization page, Melissa says she uses a rolodex to keep up with this, bless her....)
I periodically try and get rid of some of my cookbooks, but if the photos are pretty I simply cannot.  They ARE inspiring. 
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