Monday, May 17, 2010

Meet the Parents Weekend

This past weekend was "Meet the Parents Weekend"....Jenni's fiance's mother and father drove down from Fire Island, NY, to meet us on Ocean Isle Beach, NC, and see the wedding venue for next May. 
Everyone converged at The Giggling Mackerel...excellent mahi sandwich and fries.  A good start to the weekend.

We had good food,  fabulous seafood, and lovely weather.  Jenni found a house to rent that was full of cute 'beachy' decorations.  It also had a very nice kitchen and a shady deck overlooking a canal.  We cooked at the house and had fresh shrimp and clams both nights.  Kory's mother, a wonderful cook, roasted the shrimp each night and steamed the clams. This was my first time to have a bowl of fresh clams to scoop from the shell and dip into butter and they were fantastic.   We ate them on the shady deck overlooking the canal, as we fed shrimp tails to the turtles gathered near the shore.  (we attracted dozens and they were most willing to come out of the water to grab a shrimp tail, if they could beat the birds to it).  This is entertainment you cannot plan for! The second night we tossed the clams with pasta, butter, white wine, and the juice from the steamed clams.  Pure heaven!
This is the wedding venue, Knots Landing, on the left.    A view of the beach, right.  The reception tent will be in the front, so the bride and groom will enter down that gorgeous staircase after the ceremony.

All in all, a wonderful weekend. 
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