Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Salad Redux

The above photo does look familiar.  I made all these salads for Saturday lunch, and had leftovers.  I served the three salads again on Monday, but made changes in each.  The black bean salad went into a fresh avocado boat, I added slivered teeny cucumbers (see below) and some ranch dressing to the potato salad, and I added a chiffonade of lemon balm and some lime vinaigrette to the salmon salad.  I had a lovely market tomato that I added for some color.  Now all the salads are gone and I have to make new salads.

Note:  Here is a photo of the teeny cucumbers I found at the Farmer's Market.  They are extremely crunchy and have no particular taste.  I like to cut them into fourths vertically and put into salads for a nice texture.  To show you the size, I have placed a teaspoon beside them in the photo. If anyone knows anything about these little delights, please tell me in the comment section.
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