Friday, May 14, 2010

Rotisserie Chicken on Hand

Nothing in the kitchen and it is time for lunch or dinner...supermarket rotisserie chicken to the rescue is what I always say!
First of all, they are really inexpensive as prepared foods go.  Second, they smell wonderful when you bring them into your cold, dark kitchen after shopping.  Third, they will cover about four meals for me and hubby when lots of other things are added.  Fourth, I did not have to cook it myself.
After I pull off enough of the chicken meat for the immediate meal, I pull off the breast in chunks and package it separately in a quart freezer bag.  Then I pull off the rest of the dark meat and the breast meat still clinging to the bones, discarding skin and tendons and fat.  I shred this and put it in another freezer bag.  Now I am set for several meals.

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