Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Bragging Rights

If you are raising, or have raised kids, you earn 'bragging rights'.  My son and daughter are grown, but I still love to brag about them.  Today I want to brag about each.

First, my daughter, Jenni, is a gifted writer and a super researcher and is super organized.  We always say 'you should get paid for all that talent'.  She has a full-time job and salary and on that job she writes training manuals, over and above her job description, but no extra money.  Well, she just got paid for a writing/editing job:

She found a wedding planner we wanted to hire and the young woman sent her a contract.  Jenni thought the contract was not specific enough, and told her.  The planner responded by asking for ideas and suggestions.  So, Jenni, using all her knowledge from wedding websites and magazines and personal research, mocked up a contract.  The girl not only accepted it as her new contract, but knocked $50 off of her fee.  And that, ladies, is getting paid for writing!

Next up, my son.  He is not known for spur of the moment things.  Well, week before last he and his wife went to a Jimmy Buffet concert in their home town of Houston.  They are big fans and go every year.  Well, they had so much fun, and they had an offer from her sister and her Dad to babysit this past weekend....and Jimmy had a concert in Dallas.....and they found a ticket online at original price...and they googled and found a good deal on a 4 star we get a phone call from Dallas!   This is their early wedding anniversary trip.  I think it is so cool they could put this together.

Now it is your turn to brag about something......
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