Friday, May 21, 2010


While browsing Foodgawker yesterday I found this photo. Now,   you have to understand that my favorite salad in the whole world is black bean and corn salad.  I also love raw red bell peppers.  So I swooned when I saw this.  I clicked through and found a great food blog.  Click on the photo, get the recipe, and enjoy the ButterYum blog!

When you read her recipe, you will see that the basis of the dressing is bottled Italian dressing.  This is the secret ingredient.  I take this to all my potlucks and nobody believes it.  I do add cumin, coriander, and sometimes chili powder.  I also add either cilantro or flat leaf parsley instead of basil. Green peppers work just as well, and cost less...just not as pretty.  I also add either diced red onions or sliced green onions. The corn can be canned or thawed frozen.  I have also cut the corn off a fresh cob during the summer and put it raw into the salad.  It is a very refreshing salad, and the beans give it protein.
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