Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Saving Recipes from Magazines

As you see on the left, I am conducting a poll on how you handle keeping recipes that you want to try someday from magazines.  I am conducting the poll mostly for my own amusement, since I actually do it all the ways I have listed.  Right now I have a combination of methods. 
  • When I first flip through the magazine, I rip out what appeals to me and pile it on the kitchen table or cabinet.
  • Before I toss the magazine, I go through it again and my mood is often different, so I tear out more.
  • Recipes that I want to try quickly I keep on the kitchen table.
  • Recipes that I want to try soon, I slide loose into a notebook that has category dividers.
  • Recipes that have been sitting about for awhile go into an accordion file for much later.
  • When the recipe is a known keeper, even before I try it, I will glue it to a piece of notebook paper and put it in the looseleaf notebook that is my "use everday" notebook.
I know my fellow foodbloggers in yahoo group have been voting.  I'm going to announce the poll on my other recipe yahoo lists.

I find that I want to know more details about how you save and organize your leave a comment telling me!
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