Thursday, April 29, 2010

How Does Her Garden Grow?

I have an update on Jenni and Kory's garden.  I did get to see it for myself on Monday and it is looking good.  I plan a couple of trips to Raleigh during peak veggie season.  Three hours is a reasonable drive for home-grown veggies, right???     
Welcome to our garden! This year my fiance went all out in an effort to produce food from the land, he has put a lot of work into it and my mom and I feel that it deserves some blog space :-) We just got our transplants in a few weeks ago - we didn't really plan it out fully, just went to the farmers market and picked out what we liked, and then came home and researched it all. Fortunately after doing some research we seem to have made some good choices. We have a great variety of vegetables, fruits and herbs, and I'm looking forward to sharing how everything turns out!                                                                                         

No deer or bunnies allowed!
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