Sunday, April 11, 2010

It only took 19 years!

When we lived in Germany (1989-1991) I bought a (secondhand) electric rotisserie. It was a simple appliance, but a thing of wonder. It was a little bigger than a toaster oven. It had gear things on each end that you attached either a spit, a basket, or shishkebab sticks into. I would season a whole chicken with Greek seasoning, skewer it, attach it into the rotiss, turn on the 45 minute timer and walk away. Voila, dinner was done in 45 minutes. I did this at least twice a week and to his day my son shudders at the idea of rotisserie chicken. Enough was enough, he said.

I begged my husband to let me bring that rotisserie home to U.S. in 1991 and rewire it for 120 volt, but he just laughed. And of course rotisseries did NOT exist in the good ole U.S.A at that time. Rotisserie chickens finally appeared in the stores (and, surprise, they were not as good as in Germany....chickens raised differently there, of course).

Then rotisseries appeared in department stores, but they were ridiculous in quality compared to my German one, so I just continued to buy the ones at the grocery store (keeping them warm in that plastic box is just wrong).I used for recipes calling for cooked chicken, but still lamented being unable to make a real rotiss chicken at home.

Those rotisseries pretty much disappeard from stores and I gave up. Then, lo and behold, Americans discovered that bone-in chicken cooked at home (just look at all the recipes floating around) tasted better than boneless, skinless chicken breasts (but, boy, are they quick and easy.....) and the manufacturers woke up and started producing those rotisseries again. I still wanted a rotisserie, but not the ones in the Big Box stores. Again, I got to Googling and discovered that Cuisinart made one that was really nice, easy to use, and all the reviews were stellar. 

So, I got one for my birthday......................

Warning: the whole chickens I purchase for the rotisserie cost more than buying a cooked one at the deli, but the taste is worth it!
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