Monday, April 19, 2010

My Strawberry Shortcake from Childhood

The strawberries were so beautiful this year and such a good price, that I was inspired to make my mom's version of strawberry shortcake.  Now, I absolultely hated this version as a child; I wanted those ubiquitious sponge cakes with the sunken middle that are always sold right beside the berries in the produce section.  But, noooooo, my mom baked a homemade pie crust, cut it into wedges, and used that for the shortcake part, layering wedges of crust with sweetened berries and topping it all off with sweetened whipped cream.  But I wanted cake.

Flash forward many, many years.  I had a refrigerated pie crust in the fridge, for the first time in a very long time.  There had been a coupon in the paper.  ....  Anyway, I baked that crust in one of her old aluminum pans.
I cut it in wedges and piled up the strawberries.  And whipped the cream.

Why, oh why did I dislike this as a child?  Granted, it is very messy to eat.  (The photo above was taken after we had eaten it twice and all that was left was one wedge of pastry apiece).  I do not know the origin of her version, whether this is the way she ate it growing up in Indiana, or perhaps it is the way my dad grew up eating it.  Anyway, it was never prepared any other way in my mom's house.  Try it.

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