Thursday, April 08, 2010

Magic Trick

I just might have made a marvelous discovery concerning cilantro. I love putting fresh cilantro into various cold concoctions, but it wilts and gets icky so fast. The other day I rinsed a bunch and spun it in my small salad spinner.
I was getting ready to transfer it to another container when I had an aha thought:

I left the cilantro in the strainer basket, poured the water out of the solid bowl, covered the top with plastic wrap and poked a few holes in the top (for ventilation).

This cilantro lasted a week!!!

The secret combination: spin the cilantro dry, keep it in the basket so any moisture will continue to drain off, and make sure it is covered to prevent wilting, but that there is ventilation for it to breathe (I know this is important because of the design of those Rubbermaid Produce Savers. ...there are holes under the lid)

Of course there were mitigating circumsatance; the cilantro came from Compare Foods and it was in a smaller bunch than sold in other supermarkets, plus possibly fresher.
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