Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Carolina Spring!

Here are the 'popcorn' trees in our neighborhood (Bradford Pear)


The flowering cherry tree we planted to replace one of the dying Bradford Pears

The shrub we bought in the fall that we thought died over the winter, but turned out to be decidious.  That'll teach us not to read the little plant information stick!These are our Knockout Rose bushes that require absolutely no attention.  They will bloom all summer and until the first frost.  My kind of gardening!This is the Acuba plant that grew from a cutting from my Mom, I'll take cuttings to our next house.

We really hate all the leaves in the fall, but treasure the shade and beauty in the spring/summer.

Azalea buds ready to pop

We transplanted this poor azalea several years ago from a place where it was not growing and it obviously does not like this location any better. 
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