Monday, January 31, 2011

Canned Soup Plus

How many of you have opened a can of soup recently and burst out laughing?  And I am not talking basic Campbells, here, I am talking fancy soups, such as Wolfgang Puck, Pacific, Progresso, etc, etc.

I refer to the laughter because there just is not much in that can but broth anymore.  The flavors are there, though.  So......I dump the can in the pot and then look at the picture on the label or read the ingredients.  Then I add more of everything.  And maybe things that I think would taste good in the soup.  Or stuff in my fridge that needs to be loved.  And of course more broth.

Take today.  I opened a can of Wolfgang Puck's potato soup.  It smelled really good.  It says "about" 2 servings.  The word "about" is the giveaway.....I have a small appetite and that can would not fill me up.

So I started chopping.  Hmmmm.....add some cooked chicken.  Chop up some celery and carrots in teeny little cubes.  Dice up part of a russet potato.  And, hey, what about some of the poblano pepper I finally got up the nerve to roast?   Add some broth.  And then some diced green onions.  It is simmering away right this minute.
I'll serve it with Sister Schubert's rolls.  Oh. Yeah.

I stirred in some chopped green onion tops and topped with some grated cheddar.  It was delicious.

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