Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Can we say orange?

I really, really hope this photo just has not aged well, color-wise. I hate to think I wore orange. Even if it WAS the 1970's? Now you see why women who lived through the 70's dislike many of the current styles/colors/patterns!

This is an old snapshot I found of me and hubby. We had been married about 2 years and were living in Miami, Florida. We drove down to Key West. It was a very quiet little town. We rode the tourist train and obviously got somebody to take a pic of us. And forget the orange.....he chose burgundy pants and we must have been quite the clashing pair.

We went back to Key West a couple of years ago and my, has it changed. It was a stop for a cruise ship and we had only a few hours; that was quite enough. I think we rode the train, again.

As to designing this page. It is three versions of the same pic, layered one on top of another and offset. The left one I made b&w2, the middle one is the icky print in all its tacky glory. The one to the right is PSE's take on poster edges. I do love that effect. It makes my orange pants outfit look artsy instead of tacky.

The frame is from Freckle Bear Creations' Just Because Kit. The flower is from Blue Birthdays, but I changed the color. I used several different fonts.
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