Monday, February 14, 2011

Andy Warhol?

My daughter is wondering about her mama.  Here are the last two scrapbook pages I have made.  They are pages with pictures of me as a girl.

This is the original b&w boring.
I am on the phone in the hall; black; rotary; cord; party line!!

Here is a fresh take:
Much more eye catching.

Now this is a complete page I designed, using some premade stuff but changing colors and adding effects.
My daughter said it looked kinda like Andy Warhol.  Not sure if she liked it or not.  I find it interesting.
Below is the pic I scanned.  Boring.
 I did a PSE effect on it and then slid the hue slider to change the colors andchose three.  Don't you just love the stuffed monkey (with a plastic face, no less). I have so far made many, many heritage pages in muted tones, some bright kiddie pages, some kid fantasy pages, now I am doing my own pictures and am using color and effects. 

Another fun effect of me at one of my birthday parties.

The black and white/sepia photos were great for the heritage albums of my parents and grandparents, and me as a baby and toddler, but I want some jazzed up stuff for the girl.   
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