Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Whole Lotta Beans

I read a long time ago that starchy beans are best when cooked from dried.  I was never successful with all the quickie methods of doing the dried beans, so I defaulted to canned.  All the time.  I love black beans and one day decided to just do the soak overnight and cook for hours on low the next day.  It worked.  I cook them, cool them, and freeze them in small portions.  Yum.

I cooked these today and for lunch put some in a bowl with sliced green onions, diced fresh tomato, and sour cream.  oh my.

In fact this pan of beans is awaiting the bags and freezer.  Try the old fashioned method sometime and then enjoy really yummy dried beans.  I have red beans to cook next.  Red beans and rice, anyone?
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