Thursday, July 08, 2010


Why, you ask, is there a sprig of mint on the page?  Well, I will tell you.  I am a current newbie of digital scrapbooking and I always like to run before I walk.  I have Memory Mixer and also Photoshop Elements 2.  I have been downloading cool freebie embellishments to use on pages.  I also notice that other digital scrapbookers seem to know how to remove something from a photo and turn it into a transparent embellishment.  Especially photos of people. 

OK, so I don't even know the basics of Photoshop, but I want to be able to create these embellishment thingies so I can put my grandkids into imaginary scrapbook scenes.  Can't be happy with just inserting their photos as is.  Of course not.

So I have googled and watched tutorials and checked out library books and could not figure it out.  Well, it appears that the magic word is PNG.  As in PNG file.  Don't know what it is, but JPEG keeps the frame around the embellishment, while PNG the background is transparent.  Ha. 

In my pursuit of this skill, I have gotten very good at outlining with the magnetic lasso.

Just hit "publish" and see that there IS a background around my mint.  So Blogger is not a scrapbook program.  But I made this in Memory Mixer. 

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