Monday, March 22, 2010

Where are the Recipes?

My blog is going to be more of a conversation than a listing of recipes. Recipes are everywhere, in magazines, in the newspaper, and all over the internet. I find that 99% of my recipes come from these sources and I can link you to them. So I'll be posting photos, links, and comments. I'll tell you if I made any changes and if we liked the dish. You'll be able to see the finished result and sometimes some of the steps.

I will only occasionally record the actual recipe on this blog for two reasons. 1) I am lazy and don't want to type it into the blog. 2) If I give you the link to the recipe and you click on it, not only can you almost always get a printable version (for your personal looseleaf cookbook), but you have now found another online source for ideas for YOUR food journey. You can just keep clicking on links on each successive website and begin learning new things and finding new ideas for stuff to cook.
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