Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Veggie Thoughts

I love fresh veggies and eat lots of salads and roasted vegetables. The more green vegetables the better. I was not always this way.

Growing up all I really liked was canned peas and corn. I had to at least 'taste' everything on my plate, though. I still hate rutabagas and turnips and absolutely will not put a beet in my mouth. And it is such a gorgeous veg. My mom said I even spit out beet baby food.

Larry's mother said she used to dice hard-cooked egg and bits of bacon on top of tossed salad so her boys would get some of the lettuce and carrots, etc, as they picked off the egg and ate it. Whatever works, I say.

Larry and I got married and were stationed in Iceland for two years, during Vietnam War. No vegetables except canned ones imported from Great Britain, and those were pretty bleak. We could drive over the mountain to a greenhouse complex and buy tomatoes and cucumbers. I guess the PX had iceberg lettuce and probably carrots. Don't really remember.

The one thing I do recall, when we moved back to U.S. neither of us could get enough fresh vegetables. During our sojourn salad bars had appeared in restaurants and we were in heaven. My Dad grew a garden and we ate and ate and ate that stuff. My mother was absolutely stunned (and pleased).

This probably goes to prove that once you cannot get something, you really want it.
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