Monday, March 22, 2010

Light and Crispy Waffles

I love waffles but had never made one,except in the toaster! When those cute little single, round wafflemakers came out, they made the big, thick Belgian waffles which I just do not like. Then I noticed the other day I could buy a Cuisinart one with "regular sized grid" so I got it.

The first waffles I made was from TJ's Pumpkin Waffle Mix and they were delicious, but nothing crispy about them, due to the ingredients (pumpkin). Then I made waffles from a whole grain waffle mix, still trying to be 'healthy'. Better, but still not crispy since whole grains add a lot of moistness and texture. then I used TJ's Buttermilk Waffle Mix (no whole grains) and those waffles floated off the iron onto my plate and crunched when I took the first bite. Here is an interesting video clip about the mix. I am sure any other brand of ready mix, or homemade waffle batter would be just as good as long as no whole grains were in there.

Yes, whole grains are good for you, and they give baked items a lovely rich taste, and are perfect for pancakes, evidently not so much if you want crispy waffles. And I do. Sorry, whole wheat.........I'll keep you around for muffins, pancakes and bread, but you won't be welcome in my waffles.
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