Sunday, March 28, 2010

Good Chicken Broth

Somewhere on the internet I found the secret of a good chicken broth. The secret is 'caramelize'. Just boiling a chicken carcass in a pot of water with onions, carrots and celery is not enough. That is what I have done for years and would taste the resulting bland liquid and pour it down the drain and open a can.

You have to take the time to put the chicken carcass into a pot with diced carrots and onions and olive oil and maybe garlic and sautee it for awhile. Caramelize. THAT is where the flavor comes from. How simple. It also helps to hack up the bones with a meat cleaver before you put them in the pot with the oil, because all the flavor is in the bone marrow. (That is why boneless chicken has no taste without sauces or bones.)

I also used the pressure cooker (I need one that is not warped on the bottom) to speed the broth part up, and (my secret) I added the defatted drippings from the actual roasting of the chicken. As Emeril would say "that kicked it up a notch" for sure. It was a lovely golden color, surprise, surprise. It even tasted good plain.
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