Friday, March 19, 2010


I have a tendency to be a dishaholic. Whenever we were shopping at a department store in Germany together, I would head to the Villeroy Boch china section and he would head to the crystal section. We brought home a set of china and a set of crystal, both bought from factory outlets for little money.

I spent almost the whole three years in Europe deciding which pattern of Villeroy Boch china to choose. When I had finally made up my mind, an Australian friend of mine and I drove to the factory and shopped in the store attached. The day we went I was sick with a really bad cold, but went anyway. Bought my china and then I sat on the stairs in the shop while she decided on hers. It was worth it. I chose this pattern:

I use the plates as everyday china. Also have platters and cups and serving dishes. Mostly having this lovely china to enjoy keeps me from collecting other dishes. Mostly.

I bought these several years ago at the Dollar Store. Unfortunately they barely fit in my dishwasher.

These bowls came from the Dollar Store, too:

Then, Crate and Barrell opened and I bought some bowls. White goes with any dish.

I bought these bowls in the HL Supermarket in Oberursel. Kitsa used these for years.

I found these dessert saucers at the Villeroy Boch outlet on one of my trips.

In a nod to Larry I bought these bowls on my crystal buying trip with the ladies club in Germany.

We go to Soup on Sunday every winter (a fundraiser for Hospice) and one year I donated a bit more and bought two pottery bowls made for the fundraiser in outreach classes held in local pottery shops.

I held off for several years and finally succumbed to the siren song of china when we redid our kitchen walls. And yes, those are my collectible things. The painted plates on the top two rows are inherited from my mother. A neighbor painted those for her back in 1948. The Fairy Plates came from Germany (of course) Most of the other pieces also inherited from my mom. The green pitcher, peeking out in the middle of top shelf, was bought by my grandmother at the Worlds Fair, when she was a teenager. The bottom shelf is pottery.

Back to the newest dishes. Decided I needed to go with brown. Bought four of these dishes at Target...they are called 'salad plates' and I got them because they fit really well in the DW. The standard size for dinner plates in U.S. now is 11" in diameter (and we wonder why we are all on a diet) and since the plastic arm that swirls the water around in my DW is just below the TOP rack, it won't spin if the dishes are more that 10" diameter.

Could not resist these. Since they are melamine, and Larry does not favor plastic dishes, I only bought two. But they are gorgeous in the kitchen and feel like spring.

And we will end with my mom's Biscuit Bowl.

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