Sunday, January 29, 2012


 I have really short hair. And no curl anymore. Perms are no good because the hair on the top of my head won't take the curl; I always had to use a curling iron anyway.  I had a lovely 1/2" barrel iron when I lived in Germany! But it did not compute to 120v back home. I always stop at the curling iron displays looking for the elusive 1/2" one.  I bought a 1" one years ago but can only use it just before a haircut, when my straight, short hair makes me resemble a dandelion. 

 It seems I was shopping in the wrong megastore. Last week I was in Walmart to return an online purchase and checked out the curling iron display. And voila!


It has 30 heat  settings which means I can keep it really low and use it on the top of my hair daily.  This one is by Revlon. And it was $10. 

So there is hope for those of us with really short hair who would like a little curl. Just so you know.  


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