Sunday, January 15, 2012

Quite a shopping day

I woke up this morning with a strong urge to go shopping. I generally hate shopping, but when this particular urge hits for buying specific things, I try and listen. I am glad I did. Larry probably not so glad.  

My main focus was to see if I could find a smallish cross body bag  in real, soft leather for under $100.  I have bought various fake ones and nylon ones and have made them out of decorator fabric. But I wanted the real thing. 

I drove around the corner to Nordstrom's Rack. There was one display of smallish crossbody bags. Most were very small. But, there it was!  Super soft, magnetic closure, and the most wonderful shade of taupe leather. And under $100. It was just under $80, actually. 

Clutching my bag, I walked to the other side of the store to my favorite department: shoes.  Our trip to Alaska is in six months and I know, from having lived in Iceland, hiking boots are in order, paved paths for tourists or not!  Hiking boots are not a big demand item around here, and I certainly did not expect to find these. Whoopee.  My size, black, less than $75. Grabbed them and then found some hiking style socks. So I left Nordie's quite pleased. 

But then I just could not resist a peek into Kohls, right next door.  I picked up a pair of ear warmers for this cold wind this winter, then drifted to the purse section, Of course, specifically clearance. There just might be a bargain waiting for me. And there was.....a $99.00 Vera Wang satchel for $9.99. Handles and crossbody/shoulder strap. I liked the color, the feel of the synthetic leather, and it would hold my iPad and Kindle for the cruise, as well as any other time I need those items with me.

I am glad followed up on my shopping urge!


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