Wednesday, January 04, 2012


I really want to be able to blog from somewhere besides my desktop up in the corner of the rec room/my 'studio'. I have a brand new iPad that I can actually see the screen and type properly. 

I tend to write blogs in my head and never manage to go upstairs and get those ideas into the blogosphere.  Now along comes Blogsy and it says I can use it to blog, format, even upload my pictures, if the are on my iPad. And since Photosync app makes that doable with a single button push, I might be able to blog anywhere in the house. So let's see what happens. 

I did some scrap booking in the car from this iPad. Let's see if I can show it on the blog. 

And, yes, my grandson's name is Griff instead of Grif. I edited it but somehow it did not get into my library. 

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