Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Beef Stew with tarragon???

 I have not made beef stew in years. In fact I did not eat beef for several years. I have begun to eat steak on occasion and decided to make an old fashioned crock pot beef stew, much to Larry's delight. Bought some gorgeous stew meat at Aldi's for an excellent price. 

For the stew, I diced carrots and onions and browned them along with the beef in my Mom's cast iron skillet. For seasoning I did several things. Salt and pepper, coriander, celery salt, smoked paprika to start. Put it in the crock pot, added a chopped onion, chopped carrot, and some beef broth, turned it to high and went to aerobics class

When I came home the house smelled wonderful. I turned the pot to low and decided to add some more seasonings. Worcestershire, soy, Siracha sauce, red wine vinegar, a bay leaf, and, hmmmmm...some tarragon. What on earth???  I have never used tarragon in anything. A neighbor gave me a brand new jar when she moved. It smelled nicely floral.  So I used some. And it added just the right herbal note to the stew. Give it a try...



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