Friday, August 18, 2006

Thai Style Shrimp

This is currently our favorite 'restaurant style' meal. And it is just a matter of combining convenience items. I use farm-raised frozen shrimp that has been shelled and the tails removed. I sautee these, then when almost done, I pour in some of the Maggi Sweet Chili Sauce mentioned in my Fake Asian Fish recipe. This glazes it and gives the shrimp some taste. I serve it with a boxed flavored rice mix. This one is a HT Traders brand and is Lemongrass and Ginger. The garnish is julienned cucumber and red bell pepper. Also I raided my herb garden and chopped up basil and mint. Fresh herbs make anything special.

We have a house in Panama City, Florida, and I really only like fresh Gulf shrimp, just off the boat. So serving this farm raised stuff, or even Atlantic fresh shrimp is problematic for me. I constantly search for sauces that give blander shrimp a zing. This one gets an A+
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