Monday, August 14, 2006

Slacker Lasagne

Larry loves lasagne and I hate to make it. Have tried the various frozen ones and they are just too fake. Today my Daily Dish email featured an Italian casserole made with ground beef, grocery store marinara sauce, and frozen ravioli. I had half a package of cheese ravioli languishing in the freezer, so went to the store and bought the ground beef. I started making the recipe and found even more shortcuts. I poured some sauce (I used a large jar of marinara sauce instead of the small jar and diced tomatoes) into the pan, and arranged half of the frozen ravioli on top of that. I cooked the ground beef, drained it, and sprinkled half in the pan. Poured half of the remaining sauce on top, then the rest of the ravioli, meat, and topped with sauce. Forgot the mozarella layer but put that on the top at the end.

Note: I finally figured out why I never have enough sauce, etc, in my ground beef recipes....the standard recipe calls for one pound of meat and my store packages it in 1 1/2 to 2 pound packages. I luckily had another small jar of marinara in the pantry. I like lots of sauce since I am not a major ground beef fan.

Will post a photo later, when I get it out of my camera.
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