Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Quick Key Lime Dessert

I never liked yogurt until I lived in Germany for three years. And the Greek yogurt with honey was beyond good. Then I moved back to the U.S. and hated yogurt again. Way too much sugar. Then I started trying the sugar free yogurts. Now I dislike artificial sweeteners; I would rather have a glass of water than a Diet Coke. But the slightly bitter (to me) aftertaste is perfectly suited to yogurt. I have been buying the Dannon CarbSelect and the other day decided to try Weight Watcher's Key Lime. This was prompted by tasting Smart One's Key Lime Pie (individual servings, frozen).

What I did for this dish, was to mix a carton of the key lime flavor yogurt with some whipped topping. I spooned it into a dish and then crushed some chocolate wafers for the topping. Wonderful. I think it would be even better frozen, if I can get some made ahead of time and put into paper cupcake liners. Of course, that would take time away from Knitting.
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