Friday, August 11, 2006

Salmon and Herbed Zucchini

I scored some ruby red wild Alaskan salmon at the grocery store and used a recipe I got on the internet some ten years ago. Essentially, you split the squash in half (I only had yellow squash and zucchini is better due to less seeds), brush it with honey, season with s&p and broil it til brown and bubbly on the surface. Put on a wooden cutting board to cool, then slice as thin as you can. Chop fresh mint and basil and mix with the squash and stir in some balsamic vinegar. This will be the 'bed' for the salmon.

For the salmon, season with salt, pepper, paprika, brush with honey (the honey can be microwaved to make it more liquid) and broil the salmon. Serve over the squash.

Hint: Once when I asked the fishmonger to 'skin' my salmon filet, he told me to cook it with the skin on, skin side down and remove the skin before serving....the salmon is more moist that way. Not to mention this way is a whole lot easier than trying to get that skin off the raw filet!
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