Thursday, March 24, 2011

Birthday Continued

And it gets better.....daughter sent me two apps for my iphone; she is feeding my digiscrap addiction. An app that lets me transfer photos back and forth wirelessly between iphone and computer. No more emailing myself. And an escrap app that I look forward to using. Now I can digiscrap on vacation!!!!! I do so go into withdrawal when I am away from my computer with PSE and MM installed.

Hubby bought me a book store gift certificate. He tried to find a digitalscrapping book but they had none (they never do....) and I have actually bought all that are published, from Amazon. So I will go and buy a book to read.

Am going out for sushi tonight. Have been craving that for awhile and we have a Groupon. The downside (actually upside) is we have to eat $45 worth of sushi. Oh, I can SO do that!! I will try and remember to take pictures of my food before I inhale it!!!
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